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LifeWave x39 Stem Cell Patches

Activate your stem cells with LifeWave x39 and discover the rewards of living well.

As we age our stem cells decline in their ability to do what they were designed to do.  Imagine if there was a way to mobilize, or activate, stem cells that would help reset them to a healthier, more youthful state.  This is healing in a completely non-invasive, safe and cost-effective way.   The LifeWave x39 patch helps support natural wound healing and immune function, elevates antioxidants, manages inflammation, stimulates the production of collagen, provides mental clarity, energy and vitality, faster recovery from exercise, and improved skin appearance… and more. 

In my life the LifeWave x39 patch has improved my focus, motivation, and definitely elevated my mood and outlook.  The overall sense of better wellbeing is more than worth it.  But additionally some areas of swelling that have concerned my doctors over the years are reduced by more than half in a couple weeks, and I think this patch is working at a deep level of healing in my body.  The little knee tweaks and creaks of aging are less noticeable, so I am able to move faster and accomplish more without fatigue. 

Recent comments from those who tried the patches:  “Lol.  I’m sitting here moving my neck all around, looking like a chicken, and can’t believe how relaxed and limber my neck and shoulders are.” “I slept 7.5 hours, no pain when rolling over or moving, so sleep is better.” “People noticed I was better today, the way I hold and move my upper body. They see the change. This is huge! Day 6” “My BP pattern is changing!!” “No doubt. No comparison. Life is much better with the patch on!!” “I mostly notice breathing has improved, I have better flexibility and less pain, better mood and sleep, clearer somehow; more emotional, sensitive to others.” “Thank you for setting me free!!” “Today it was pointed out to me that my hearing is better. No more, ‘What?,’ every other sentence. It’s so gradual, I didn’t notice. Others do!!”

If you would like to read a few more testimonials, go to and see the reviews, or read more about the company.  If you would like to speak to me about trying these patches for a week or a month (money-back guarantee on the one-month packet), contact me and I will give you a call at your convenience.  Whether you are interested in using these patches for your own health benefit or sharing with others, I am happy to share my LifeWave experience with you. 

LifeWave x39 - Dr. Janice Halteman, DAOM, LAc in Portland, OR

5216 NE Everett Street Portland OR 97213